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In service to its member parks, the Carolinas Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CARVC) monitors and acts on legislative activity at the local, state, and national level.

Legislation & Advocacy

Working with accredited lobbyists, CARVC provides input to shape legislation and regulations that may impact campground operators and the outdoor hospitality industry. Our goal through legislative advocacy is to help campground operators run safe and profitable businesses for the enjoyment of their customers.

Here are recent examples of CARVC’s impact and involvement in legislative advocacy:

Notable Successes:

  • Occupancy Issues: On March 17, 2023, after a 2-year push by CARVC and its North Carolina lobbyist, Senate Bill 53: Hotel Safety Issues became a law. This law provides clarification in North Carolina’s General Statutes as it pertains to occupancy at inns, hotels, and other transient lodgings. This was the first law passed in the history of CARVC, and it will assist both campers and campground owners in defining their rights, responsibilities, time periods when it comes to transient occupancy.
  • National Electric Code 70 Article 551.71 (F) GFCI Protection as applied to Recreational Vehicle pedestals: In 2024, multiple NC parks were closed or unable to open due to interpretation of this code by the Deputy State Fire Marshal and electrical issues caused by the upgrades the Marshal required for the upgrades. In March 2024, CARVC leadership, accompanied by reps from the Outdoor Hospitality Industry (OHI) spoke with officials at the NC Building Code Council Public Hearing, resulting in the council voting unanimously to have the proposed standard taken to a public hearing for adoption. READ MORE IN THIS ISSUE 

Ongoing Activities: In March 2023, CARVC engaged a South Carolina lobbyist to push passage on SC House Bill H3765, first introduced in January 2021. This bill specifically addresses the removal of campgrounds from inclusion in the Residential Landlord Act. Lobbying efforts on this bill continue in 2024.

CARVC staff and members join representatives from RVIA and OHI for legislative visits in Washington DC, 2023.
CARVC staff and members join representatives from RVIA and OHI for legislative visits in Washington DC, 2023.
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